Leadership Team

Spencer & Carissa Peveto

Carissa serves in and leads the Child Care program, ages 0-5 years old, ensuring that your youngest are cared for the way you want them to be, just like a mother would.  Carissa also serves on the Worship Team.

Spencer will usually be the first face you see as he helps you safely cross the street from the parking lot, or welcomes you in the building.  And what a great face it is.  He also serves as a loving male presence occasionally, in our Child Care program.  

They are parents to a beautiful & happy toddler boy, the life of Grace.

Beth Quintana – GraceKIDS

As a full time elementary school teacher, Beth’s professional career and her ministry life both revolve around her love for children and Jesus.  Her passion shines through in every kid-first detail.  

Beth also serves faithfully in many other areas, including the Worship Team, and any other area where she is needed.  With creativity on tap, you can count on Beth to keep the GraceKids minds and hearts engaged and moving toward Jesus.

Don & Russ – The Coin Keepers

What can we say about these guys?  Faithfulness abounding, Wisdom astounding, Unafraid of exponents compounding.  At GBC, we don’t “take” an offering, we receive it.  It belongs to The Lord, and we are just stewards, and these guys understand that better than anyone.  We are so thankful for their service to our church family.

Micah Vaughan – Pit Crew Captain

Showing up at 6am every Sunday morning to set up Audio and Video equipment, as well as chairs and what-have-you, well… it ain’t for the faint of heart.  That’s why only a hardwood floor layer who is also volunteer firefighter would do as Team Leader of the Grace Pit Crew.  Micah serves with joy, knowing that if he messes up, then the kit-n-kaboodle falls apart.  

Grace Avenue – The Worship Team

For reals y’all.  They just worship and lead worship.  It’s not about show or dazzle or a concert.  It’s about Jesus.  It’s about Grace.  

Zaccaria on the keys, Jessi on the electric violin, Beth, Carissa, Izzie – behind the mics, Austin bringing lead and the acoustic guitar and sometimes a drum.  Pastor Ben with the occasional bass guitar  when Austin lets him.  Destiny and Annette supporting from the tech booth.  This team is legit, and they just want to lead you to Jesus.  

That’s all.

Austin Herrin – Worship Pastor

Musician extraordinaire.  Who else do you know that can play the didgeridoo and the harpsichord?  In fact, Austin has never met an instrument he didn’t like.  But most importantly, Austin loves to worship Jesus and lead the church in worship. If you want a worship pastor who uses the mic as a stage to perform, well, don’t look here.  But if you want to be led to worship in authenticity, then you in the right place.

Austin also serves as de facto associate everything else, including pastor Ben’s taxi service.

Ben & Annette Smith – Just people

Hola.  Ben here.  aka pastor Ben, if you like.  I make the website, so I get to pick the pics and write the descriptions. This is my wife, Annette.  She’s amazing.  

We’re just regular regular people.  Got a question?  Ask.  Need to talk?  Let’s talk.  We’ve been through a lot of @!#% ourselves and would love to walk through it with you and show you Jesus.

Hit me up anytime.              ben@gbcokc.com  


Some say he is just good at sniffing out pastor Ben’s seizures before they happen.  Some say he is really an emotional support dog for the whole church.  And then others say he is really an angel in disguise on mission from God himself. We won’t argue with any of those.  And we definitely won’t argue if you call our official church mascot the cutest half lhasa apso/half teddy bear you ever did see.

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