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Being planted in the heart of OKC just weeks before the outbreak of COVID-19 hit our nation and our city, we believe that God has positioned us specifically in this time and this place for a reason.  Perhaps many reasons.  But at least one of those reasons is so that we can serve where we are planted.

So where are we planted?
GRACE has been blessed with a wonderful partnership in the YMCA of Greater OKC.  The Downtown E.L Gaylord YMCA branch is where we are meeting and we couldn’t be happier.  Even though we have only been here a month and a half, we know that God Himself has arranged this.  And we knew from the beginning that we would be partnering with the Y in projects for the greater good of OKC.  

So here we are, and now is the time.  

The YMCA has closed to the public, but many of the staff are still tirelessly working to serve those who are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.  They are doing this by operating a top notch day care hospital staff so that those who are serving the city can rest assured that their children are in the best of care while they do so. 

Our mission is to serve those who
serve those who serve
We do this by providing meals for the staff as often as we can afford to.  

We also have projects in mind for the children who are being cared for. 


Simple.  Donate The majority of all of this has a financial cost.  We would LOVE to provide meals EVERY DAY if the money was available.  What a huge blessing that would be!    Every dollar helps and goes a long way.  Most of us are saving money right now by not traveling as much or not eating out as much.  Maybe we could all chip in a little bit. 

Every single dollar goes to this project.  NO overhead or admin costs whatsoever.  And we are experts at making every dollar stretch, too.  So could you help?  And share?

It’s easy, just click the DONATE NOW link below and select the COVID-19 Response option from the drop down menu.  (ignore all the normal offering funds).  All donations are tax deductible, too.  

Thank you so much for your help.  Together, we can be a force for good.  Together we help drive back the darkness.  

Blessings, grace and peace,
Ben Smith
Grace @ Deep Deuce

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