In the year 1936, Oklahoma had been an official U.S. state for only 29 years and the cities population was approximately 197,000.  This was the year that Grace Baptist Church was founded and began a ministry in OKC that has stretched on 8 decades so far.

At the beginning, for over a year the church met in a park, eventually purchasing a tent, before moving into various buildings over the years.  We weren’t a church defined by a space at our founding, and to this day we understand that same truth – that the church is the people of God, not the structure they meet in.

From the beginning, GBC has placed a priority on reaching our community and the world with the Good News that Jesus Christ saves the lost by GRACE through FAITH ALONE.  Grace is a gift that we don’t deserve that God gives us based on His love for us.  This GRACE is so tremendous –  It’s in our name, it’s in our blood, it’s the motivation of everything we do.

GBC has always, above all, been a church that views itself as not a museum of saints, but a hospital for the broken.  Only the love of God and the work of Jesus can truly heal, and that is the message that we live every day.