Welcome!  Make yourself at home!

Image result for welcome to our homeYou hear those words when you are invited into someone’s home.  Sometimes, though, it feels like you don’t know how to do that in a strange place.  Do I take off my shoes?  Do I just sit any where, or am I supposed to avoid the “special” recliner?  There is always an awkward tension when you go to someone’s home for the first time, at least a little bit.

Then comes the day when you invite someone to your home.  You open the door and you too say those words – Welcome!  The thing is, you mean exactly that.  You know from experience the awkwardness  that one can feel when coming into someone else’s home and you want to break down that barrier as much and as quickly as possible.  When you say “Welcome!”, you mean it passionately and wholeheartedly.  You want your friend to feel welcome and to let their guard down and just be themselves.

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That’s how it is here at GBC.  When we say “Welcome to Grace!”, we want you to know that you are at home.  You belong here.  There are no barriers or walls or pretense.  You are free to be yourself, sit in the good recliner, eat the donuts and drink the coffee.  No special attire required.  No special lingo you need to know.  We are just glad you are here.

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Of course, we know that church is different than someone’s house.  There is something about this place that is spiritual, and I guess there should be.  But we never want to confuse that spiritual thing with how we should be, rather it is what we do.  We come to fellowship together – be with likeminded friends and family who are seeking and being sought by Jesus.  We come to worship Him.  We come to learn about Him through the worship in the Word of God.  In all of these spiritual acts of worship, we believe that accomplish them better if we come as ourselves.  No barriers.  No walls.  No outside expectations.  No bumper sticker religion.

That is why when we say “Welcome to Grace!”, it’s exactly what we mean. 

You are welcome.