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Worthy: A Teaching Series on Worship

We all worship something.  But worship more than just a song.  It is that which gets our affection and devotion.  And there are really only Two options.

The Creator, or the created.



The Book of Judges:
The Cycle of Sin and Rescue and How Jesus is Ultimately the Better Deliverer

Israel’s history is filled with stories of victory and failure.  Judges shows that every kind of earthly hero is offered to rescue Israel from the effects of their sin and rebellion against God, but ultimately there is only One Deliverer who can save – Jesus.



That You May Believe 
Verse by verse through the Gospel of John 

John’s first hand account of the Good News of Jesus is a personal and passionate plea for its readers to see Jesus as more than just a good moral teacher, prophet, or even a crazy man.  The stylistic structure of John’s Gospel unfolds in beautiful form exposing the Savior of men.


Greater Is HE
The Truth About Spiritual Warfare

The enemy is real and powerful, and you are no match for him by yourself, but greater still is the God who resides in those believe in Jesus as Savior.  From the very first message you will hear that this teaching series is not the typical fear-based, dark themed style.  Listen and learn with high hope and expectation!